mi atashino

the little ink hammer: forming bridges in the spaces between letters and words.




born in miami, florida to jamaican parents of mixed heritage, mi has navigated the world through the cultural lenses of both islander and mainlander. after moving to atlanta in her pre-adolescent years, she discovered the escape in reading novels and crafting her own stories to help cope with the stark discrimination she began to experience. as she reached adulthood, she abandoned writing for other practical job titles, only to find her heart remained in the un-smeared ink of her pen.


at the age of 26, while going back to school to complete her undergrad degree, she committed to chasing her dream of becoming a poet and a writer: this is her journey. she is currently submitting to all media publications interested in original poetry addressing the intricacies of moving through life as a multicultural woman in the midst of misogyny, heart break and mending, spiritual awakening, and racial tensions.



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